Monday, September 22, 2008

9/22/08- Dow Drops on Fears of Goldman & Morgan Restructuring

9/22/08 - The Dow dropped 372.75 to close at 11,015.69; NASDAQ dropped 94.92 to close at 2,178.98. The S&P 500 lost 47.99 to close at 1,207.99. Oil gained 6.62 per barrel to close at 109.37. Ten year treasury notes were down .13 to close at 101.47 increasing the yield to 3.82%. The euro gained .03114 against the dollar so one Euro buys US$ 1.4804. Today's losses were the result of fears on the Street regarding the Fed Reserve's decision to allow Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to convert to a bank holding company structure and the uncertainties related to that. More tomorrow from Atlanta.