Friday, November 14, 2008

11/14/08- Market Falls on Skepticism of Paulson's Plan

11/14/08- Market Falls on Mistrust of Paulsen
THE FOLLOWING IS PUBLISHED BY INTELLIVEST SECURITIES RESEARCH, INC., RIA, AND IS NOT INTENDED AS ADVERTISING BY A BROKER-DEALER11/7/08 - Today the Dow closed at 8,943.81 up 248.02 but down for the week by 381.20 while NASDAQ gained 38.70 to close at 1,647.40 down for the week by 73.55. The S&P 500 was up 25.87 to close at 930.75 down for the week by 38. The Ten Year Treasury Note closed at 101.81 down .66 pushing the yield to 3.77 - for the week the Note was up 1.56 and the yield was down .19%. Oil was up $.27 per barrel to close at $61.04 which was a decrease of $6.77 per barrel for the week. The U.S. Dollar lost .00567 against the Euro so one Euro will buy US$1.27502. For the week, the Dollar gained .00114 against the Euro. The market's rally was the result of the yesterday's market absorbing the bad economic reports and buyers not being able to resist some of the bargains. Have a great weekend, that's it from Atlanta.