Monday, June 15, 2009

6/15 Boeing leads the news

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A read of today's Monday 6/15/09 print editions of: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Investor's Business Daily, Financial Times and Atlanta Journal Constitution yielded the following stories about Dow Jones 30 component companies:

NYT at pB3 has a story about how IBM is introducing some products and services for its customers to use cloud computing which taps into information and resources using a pc, cellphone or other device. IBM developed an initiative in '08 called Blue Cloud which involved adapting its servers computers for cloud technology. The article mentions CSCO Cisco and HPQ Hewlett-Packard among other major technology supplliers who have cloud-relative products but none as involved as IBM's.

WSJ at pB1 has a story entitled "Boeing's Military Strategy Faces Test in Downturn" that talks about the excitement at the Paris Air Show around BA Boeing's much anticipated and long-delayed takeoff of its most sophisticated commercial jet, the 787 Dreamliner, which could take place next week. The article says BA is facing challenges regarding its decade's old strategy of offsetting jetliner-sales cycles with more stable military revenue because of military spending cutbacks. Financial Times at p17 says that EADS chief executive said it is cutting its production of Airbus by 15-20 percent. The article says BA Boeing, EADS' rival, will have to make deeper production cuts than already announced. FT at p1 of a special report on Aerospace plays the same theme in an article entitled "Aircraft makers face cloudy skies" but did say BA Boeing and EADS may together still deliver a record number of aircraft this year, 900-950, partly a result of BA catching up after its 8 week strike last autumn. At p3 of this section there is an interesting article about how BA Boeing and other defense suppliers try to simulate what future warfare might look like using a system it calls "Portal."

USA Today has a story at p1B about the Dow closing in the black on Friday. Same page has an article about how BA Boeing sees a growth in exports of its jetliners. On the same page in an article about retailers selling iced coffee, it talks about MCD McDonald's rolling out its McCafe iced coffee this summer and how well it is doing. At p4B there is an article about how MSFT Microsoft is taking a novel approach to promote business to business products with a 30 minute only business show going live today that features Jack Welch and his wife, Suzy. Welch was the former CEO of GE.

WSJ at pB1 in an article about the Six Flags' Chap. 11 filing says JPM JP Morgan Chase represents the senior lenders who hold $1.13 billion in bank debt and will likely get 90% ownership stake in a rehabilitated Six Flags. In a story at WSJ pB5, JPM is also mentioned as one of the senior lenders of Bally Total Fitness Holding Corp. which is trying to emerge from bankruptcy. JPM has agreed to back a restructuring plan for Bally that would provide new financing and cut its debt by at least $600 million.

WSJ pB3 ahs a story about a Cal. company, Solid Oak Software Inc. accusing the Chinese govenment of stealing its software for China's Internet-filtering programs. In discussing the censorship by China the article mentions HPQ Hewlett-packard and Dell as sorthing through the mandate of Chinea requiring all PCs sold there to come with censor software starting in July.

Also at WSJ pB3 Sikorsky, a unit of UTX United Technologies is the subject of a story about how Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin Corp. may partner to resusciate a recently canceled contract to supply high-tech helicopters to the White House.

BAC Bank of America is in an article about Fed. officials trying to curb excessive executive compensation by controlling incentives for risk-taking built into pay packages. BAC stated that it already is trying to make sure pay packages don't encourage its officers to take unnecessary risks.

WSJ at pB7 in an article about how the complex system of selling ads on the Inernet opens the door to hackers. MSFT is mentioned as saying they have procedures to scan for malicious code int heir systems.

DIS Walt Disneys's Pixar Animation "Up" is mentioned at WSJ pB7 as coming in a close second to "The Hangover" with $30.5 million for this weekend bring the film's total to $187.2 million.

The Dow's divisor at WSJpC4 remains unchanged at 0.132319125

Investor's Business Daily at pA2 says BA Boeing rose Friday after Barclays Capital boosted its target by 20% of $60 share saing while BA has cut production plans for its new 777 jet, production of its most popular plane, the 737 remains uchanged.

IBD at pA2 says that FDA is requiring new labels on MRK Merck's popular astham drug, Singulair., both of these IBD stories were reported by other media last week as mentioend int his blog.

IBD at pA9's Health & Medicine column says PG Procter & Gamble in 2001 had hired contractors to retrieve from dumpsters Unilever papers showing the firm's three year plan for its hair-care ubsiness. This in an article about corporate espionage. It said PG hadn't broken laws but did break its own code of ethics and PG paid Unilever $10 million.

IBD at pA9 says that PFE Pfizer's shares moved higher Friday because of news that its experimental oral treatment for rheumatoid arthritis has met keys goals in two midstage studies by impoving tender and swollen joints. The drug would be taken orally instead of injected like other treatments such as JNJ Johnson & Johnson's Remicade.

Financial Times at p15 says that the Merrill Lynch name and the bull symbol are being given a new promotional push by BAC Bank of America who will launch a $10 million print and online advertising campaign touting Merrill Lynch as its division.