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8/31/12 Fri. am DuPont Coatings Sold for $4.9 Bil, J&J Settles Risperdal Case

Post No. 1,791 The following is brought to you by Intellivest Securities Research, Inc. Toward the end of this Blog is a list of the Dow 30 current CEOs, and a ranking of the Dow 30 components by market capitalization and recent Dow 30 components' SEC filings in both cases as of 8/17/12.

A read of the print editions of  Friday's Wall St. Journal, Financial Times, Investor's Business Daily, New York Times, USA Today, Atlanta Journal Constitution & Daily Report (Ga. - carries Bloomberg) yielded the following stories about Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 component companies and the Dow with stories about the Dow aggregated first and then items about Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 companies presented alphabetically, followed by a separate table of Dow component's symbol and Thursday's stock prices and related data in alphabetical order.

Dow Jones Average:The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed Thursday at 13,000.71 down 0.81 Wednesday's close of 13,107.48. Of the 30 Dow components all 30 declined.  For the year the Dow is up 6.41 %. he biggest decliner dollar-wise was  IBM down $1.71 and percentage-wise was Caterpillar down 1.88%.

WSJ pC4 "Dow sinks to lowest in 4 weeks" b y Matt Jarzemsky says the Dow hit a 4 week low after remarks by European leaders & a downbeat reading on economic confience int he eurzo zone escalated ivnestors' fears.

Fin Times p24 "Mixed messages from retailers as investors await Jackson Hole" by Kandy Wong says retail stocks were mixed even though sales figures in Aug ahve revealed positive consuemr sentiment as the broader market trader lower a day before Ben Bernanke's speech at the Jackson Hole symposium.

NYT pB7 "Awaiting guidance, market falls" by Reuters says stocks fell Thurs after several days of muted trading as investors wait for Fed Res's chair Ben Bernanke's speech today.

USA Today p4B "Stocks slip as data show euro confidence, Japan sales low" by Bloomberg says stocks retreated thurs trimming the 3rd straight monthly advance for the S&P amid concern about a worsening of Europe's debt crisis & of a further slowdown of the global economy.

IBD pB2 "Stock indexes lose ground but vol also declines" by Paul Whitfield says Thursday's action was down in lower vol and the current outlook is a confirmed uptrend.

As of the open of the market on Friday the current divisor for the Dow Jones Industrial Average found at page C5 of   Friday's Wall St. Journal is 0.12914682. Friday's trailing P/E ratio is 14.41 down from yesterday's trailing P/E ratio of 14.53 (year ago it was 12.82); today's P/E estimate is 12.52 unchanged from Thursday's P/E estimate of 12.52 (year ago it was 11.23) and today's dividend yield is 2.64 up from yesterday's dividend yield of 2.62 (last year it was 2.66). The Dow's all-time high was 14,164.53 on Oct. 9, 2007. The 12 year low close for the Dow was on March 9, 2009 when it fell to 6,547.05.

Thursday's Dow Jones Industrial Average closing numerator was 1,678.99 down   13.69 from Wednesday's closing numerator of 1,692.68.  This is the sum of all 30 closing prices. A short cut to the Dow numerator is to multiply the closing Dow by the Divisor. Now, if you divide the Dow numerator dencrease for today by the divisor (0.12914682) you get the decrease in today's Dow .Each dollar increase in the Dow increases the Dow Jones Industrial Average by 7.74.

The average closing price (the closing numerator divided by 30) of  Thursday's Dow Jones Industrial Average was $55.97 down 46 cents from Wednesday's average closing price of $56.43. The median closing price of Thursday's Dow Jones Industrial Average was $53.10 (HD/DD down 34 cents from Wednesday's median closing price of $53.44 (HD/DD). The lowest volume was Travelers and the highest volume again was Bank of America.

If Thursday morning before the market opened you had purchased 100 shares of each of the Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 shares (assuming you could buy fractional shares and assuming no transaction costs) and sold at the close you would have lost $1,369 ($169,288 - $167,899). Thurs. 4:13 pm by Kate Gibson says U.S. Thursday were hit by thinking the next European Central Bank meeting would not deliver the promised results and that the Federal Reserve's Jackson Hole gathering could prove to be a nonevent."I suspect the market would be surprised if anything substantive came out of Jackson Hole: the big one now is next Thursday when ECB meets. We've been hearing a lot of chatter about how the ECB may not be in a position to do anything definitive next week, which puts the euro crisis back in focus," said John De Clue, global strategist for U.S. Bank Wealth Management. The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA -0.81% fell 106.71 points, or 0.8%, to 13,000.71. The S&P 500 index SPX -0.78% lost 11.01 points, or 0.8%, to 1,399.48, its first finish under 1,400 in four weeks. The Nasdaq Composite COMP -1.05% declined 32.48 points, or 1.1%, to 3,048.71.

Friday's Dow News followed by Thursday's Closing Dow Numbers:

AT&T:  WSJ pB4 "FCC to review mobiel airwavs policy" by Anton Troaianovski says Red regulators may set new rules for sales of airwave rights by one company to another.  Verizon and AT&T have criticized the FCC in being too slow in reviewing sales of spectrum rights between firms.

Alcoa:  No mentions found.

American Express:  No mentions found.

Bank of America:  No mentions found.

Boeing:  No mentions found.

Caterpillar:  No mentions found.

Chevron:  No mentions found.

Cisco:  No mentions found.

Coke:  No mentions found.

Disney:  No mentions found.

DuPont:  Fin Times p18 "Carlye in $5.1 b deal for DuPont div" by Hal Weitzman, IBD pA1 "Carlyle buys DuPont unit", NYT pB7 "Carlyle to buy DuPont unit for $4.9 bil" by Evelyn Rusli, USA Today p1B "DuPont",  AJC pAA14 "DuPont Coatings sold for $4.9 bil" say Carlye Group bought this biz from DuPont, one of its largest divisions, as it increased its focus on food, energy & protection materials.  The biz has 35 plants worldwide.

Exxon:  No mentions found.

GE:  No mentions found.

Hewlett-Packard:  AJC pA14 "HP's new laptop will run Windows 8" says this includes one model that can convert to a tablet.

Home Depot:  No mentions found.

Intel:  IBD pA2 "Intel gets key smartphone win" says China's ZTE, the world's No. 4 cellphone maker, rolled out its Grand X IN phone which is its 1st smartphone using an Intel processor.


JPMorgan:  WSJ pC1 "JPMOrgan rankled by risk" by Julie Steinberg says JPMOrgan is trying to reduce its risk regarding its clearing and settelment business and may dial back services and fire some clients.

Johnson & Johnson:  IBD pA2 "J&J resolves fraud claims", NYT pB3 "J&J unit settles cases with tates on Risperdal" by Katie Thomas say Johnson & Johnson has reached a $181 mil consusmer fraud settlement with 36 states and DC over its amrketing of Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug.

Kraft:  No mentions found.

McDonald's:  No mentions found.

Merck:  No mentions found.

Microsoft:  No mentions found.

Pfizer:  No mentions found.

Procter & Gamble:  No mentions found.

3M:  No mentions found.

Travelers:  No mentions found.

United Technologies:  No mentions found.

Verizon: WSJ pB4 "FCC to review mobiel airwavs policy" by Anton Troaianovski says Red regulators may set new rules for sales of airwave rights by one company to another.  Verizon and AT&T have criticized the FCC in being too slow in reviewing sales of spectrum rights between firms.

Walmart:IBD pA2 "Search engine helps Walmart" says Walmart is pleased with its Polaris search engine which has helped it to get a 15% increase in search conversion.

IBD pB6 "Walmart joins issues topping stock indexes" by Paul Whitfield says Walmart's stock is up 21% this year.

Thursday's Closing Dow Numbers:

Symbol Last Sale Change % Change Share Volume Market
Here are the current CEOs of the Dow 30 Companies:

AT&T T Randall L. Stephenson (Dallas, TX)

Alcoa AA Klaus Kleinfeld (NY, NY)

American Express AXP Kenneth I. Chenault (NY, NY)

Bank of America BAC Brian T. Moynihan (Charlotte, N.C.)

Boeing BA W. James McNerney, Jr. (Chicago, Ill)

Caterpillar CAT Douglas Oberhelman (Peoria, Ill.)

Chevron CVX John Watson (San Ramon, CA)

Cisco CSCO John Chambers (San Jose, CA)

Coca Cola KO Muhtar Kent (Atlanta, GA)

Disney DIS Robert Iger (Burbank, CA)

DuPont DD Ellen Kullman (Wilmington, DE)

ExxonMobil XOM Rex W. Tillerson (Irving, Tx)

GE Jeffrey R. Immelt (Fairfield, CT)

Hewlett-Packard HPQ Meg Whitman (Palo Alto, CA)

Home Depot HD Frank Blake (Atlanta, GA)

Intel INTC Paul S. Otellini (Santa Clara, CA)

IBM Virginia M. Rometty (Armonk, NY)

JPMorgan Chase JPM Jamie Dimon (NY, NY)

Johnson & Johnson JNJ Alex Gorsky (New Brunswick, NJ)

Kraft KFT Irene Rosenfeld (Northfield, Ill.)

McDonald's MCD Donald Thompson (Oak Brook, Ill)

Merck MRK Kenneth Frazer (Whitehouse Station, N.J.)

Microsoft MSFT Steve Ballmer (Redmond, WA)

Pfizer PFE Ian Read (NY, NY)

Procter & Gamble PG Bob McDonald (Cincinnati, OH)

3M MMM Inge Thulin (St. Paul, MN)

Travelers TRV Jay S. Fishman (NY, NY)

United Technologies UTX Louis Chenevert (Hartford, CT)

Verizon VZ Lowell McAdam (NY, NY)

Wal-Mart WMT Mike Duke (Bentonville, ARK)

Here are the Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 as of 8/17/12 ranked in order of market capitalization rounded to the nearest 1/2 billion followed by number of shares outstanding rounded to the nearest 1/2 billion:

1. Exxon Mobil XOM $408 [4.5]
2. Microsoft MSFT 259.5 [8.5]
3.WalMart WMT 245 [3.5]
4. IBM 230 [1]
5. GE 222 [10.5]
6. Chevron CVX 221 [2]
7. AT&T T 214.5 [6]
8. Johnson & Johnson JNJ 187 [3]
9. Procter & Gamble PG 184.5 [3]
10. Coke KO 178.5 [4.5]
11. Pfizer PFE 177.5 [7.5]
12. JPMorgan Chase JPM 140.5 [4]
13. Intel INTC 132.5 [5]
14. Merck MRK 132 [3]
15. Verizon VZ 125.5 [3]
16. Cisco CSCO 102 [5.5]
17. Disney DIS 90.5 [2]
18. McDonald's MCD 88 [1]
19. Home Depot HD 87 [1.5]
20. Bank of America BAC 86 [10.5]
21. United Technologies UTX 73.5 [1]
22. Kraft KFT 72 [2]23. American Express AXP 65.5 [1]
24. 3M MMM 65 [.5]
25. Caterpillar CAT 59 [.5]
26. Boeing BA 55.5 [1]27. DuPont DD 47 [1]
28. Hewlett-Packard HPQ 38.5 [2]
29. Travelers TRV 25 [.5]
30. Alcoa AA 9.5 [1]


Here are the latest 8K, 10Q & 10K & Proxy & certain other SEC filings as of 8/17/12:

Symbol & Co. Name/Date of Filing/Form Filed/ Comments

AT&T T: 6/29/12 8K re: election of Scott F. Ford as Director
6/14/12 8K re: sale of approx. $2 bil of notes
6/7/12 8K re completion of sale of AT&T Advertising Solutions to Cerebrus
5/4/12 10Q for Qtr ended 3/31
5/2/12 8K re: Results of Annual Stockholders Meeting

Alcoa AA: 7/26/12 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/12
7/13/12 8K re: Transcript of 2Q earnings call
7/10/12 8K re: 2Q results
5/10/12 8K re: Results of Annual Shareholders Meeting
5/8/12 8K re: Sustainability Highlights Report

American Express AXP: 8/15/12 8K re: dlinq. & write0off stats for months of May, June, and July
8/8/12 8K re: presentation from semi-annual Fin'l Community Meeting
8/2/12 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/12
7/20/12 8K re: election of David L. Vasella (Chairman of Bd. of Novartis) as Director
7/18/12 8K re: 2Q results
7/16/12 8K re: credt stats through 6/30/12
6/15/12 8K re: delinq. & write-off stats 3/31, 4/30 & 5/31/12
6/13/12 8K re: fin'l presentation of Vice-Chair Edward Gilligan
5/15/12 8K re: delinquency & write-off stats thru 4/30
5/3/12 8K re: Annual Meeting of Shareholders results
5/1/12 10Q for Qtr ended 3/31

Bank of Am BAC: 8/10/12 8K re: retirement of Vice Chiar Charles H. Noski as of 9/1
8/2/12 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/12
7/18/12 8K re: 2Q results
5/25/12 8K re: repurchase of notes
5/9/12 8K re: results of Annual Shareholders meeting
5/4/12 8K re: change of presentation of fin'l info

Boeing BA: 7/25/12 10Q and 8K re: 2nd quarter results ended 6/30/12
6/26/12 8K re: selection of Raymond L. Conner to replace Jim Albaugh as Pres/CEO of Boeing Comm'l Airplanes
5/3/12 8K re: amendment to bylaws reducing number of directors from 12 to 114/25/12 10Q for quarter ended 3/31

Caterpillar CAT: 8/17/12 8K re: 3 mos. dealer stats
8/10/12 8K re: debenture exchange
8/6/12 10Q re: quarter ended 6/30/12
7/27 8K re: debenture exchange
7/24/12 8K re: 3 mos. dealer states
6/26/12 8K re: safety problems at Wyoming mine
6/25/12 8K re: underwriting agreement re: issuance of $1.5 bil of debt
6/20/12 8K re: 3 month dealer stats thru 5/12
6/18/12 8K re: amended by-laws re: date of annual stockholders meeting
6/14/12 8K re: election of Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. to Bd. of Dirs.
6/13/12 8K re: increase of quarterly div to 52 cents payable 8/20 to 7/20 record holders

Chevron CVX: 8/2/12 10Q & 7/27/12 8K re: 2 Qtr. results ended 6/30/12
7/11/12 8K re: guidance for 2Q
6/4/12 8K re: voting results from annual stockholders meeting
5/27/12 proxy re: recommendation to vote against all stockholder proposals
5/3/12 10Q for quarter ended 3/31
5/3/12 Proxy material re: voting recommendations

Cisco CSCO : 8/15/12 8K re: 4Q and FY '12 earnings
8/2/12 8K re: appointment to Bd. of CEO of Marc Benioff and Kristina M. Johnson, CEO of enduring Hydro, LLC
6/27/12 8K re; execs' pre-arranged stock trading plan
6/13/12 8K re: director's pre-arranged stock trading plan

Coke KO: 7/1 8K re: new operating structure
7/27/12 8K re: Amendment to Articles of Incorp. to increase auth. shares & 2 for 1 stock split
'7/26/12 10Q for quarter ended 6/29/12
7/17/12 8K re; 2Q results
7/10/12 8K re: approval of shareholders for stock split
5/25/12 Proxy material re: 7/10 Special stockholders meeting
5/15/12 Proxy re: special meeting of stockholders to approve stock split to be held at Atlanta on 7/10/12 to get invited email: by 5/21

Disney DIS: 8/7/12 10Q & 8/7/12 8K results for 3rd quarter ended 6/30/12

6/11/12 8K re: $2.25 bil 5 year credit agreement

DuPont DD: 7/24/12 8K and 7/24/12 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/12
5/1/12 8K re: Annual meeting of stockholders results

ExxonMobil XOM: 8/2/12 10Q & 7/26/12 8K re: 2Q results ended 6/30/12
6/1/12 8K re: voting results from annual shareholders meeting
5/16/12 proxy re: exec compensation
5/11/12 proxy re: voting recommendations
5/3/12 10Q ended 3/31

GE: 7/30/12 10Q re: quarter ended 6/30/12
7/30/12 8K re: election of John J. Brennan to Bd., he is Chairman Emeritus of Vanguard
7/23/12 8K re: resignation of John Krenicki as Vice Chair & exec officer at year end
7/20/12 8K re: 2Q results
6/12/12 8K re: election of Manjin Dekkers to Board of Dirs.
5/23/12 10Q/A amend 10Q for quarter ended 3/31/12
5/16/12 8K re: dividend of $475 mil from GECC to GE & increase of stock buyback program
5/9/12 10Q/A & 5/4/12 10Q for Qtr ended 3/31

Hewlett-Packard HPQ: 8/8/12 8K re: write-down due to impairment of goodwill
6/8/12 10Q re: quarter ended 4/30/12
5/23/12 8K re: 2nd Qtr results

Home Depot HD: 8/14/12 8K re: quarter ended 7/29
8/7/12 8K re: purchase of U.S. Home systems and related Proxy statement
5/24/12 10Q for quarter ended 4/29/12
5/22/12 8K re: voting results of 5/17 annual shareholders meeting
5/15/12 8K re: 1 Qtr results

Intel INTC: 8/1/12 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/12
7/18/12 2 8Ks re: 2Q results
7/9/12 8K re; purchase of 10% of ASML for $2.1 bil
5/22/12 8K re: voting results of annual stockholders meeting
5/11/12 8K re: Reg FD disclosure of webcast
5/7/12 8K re: 90 cents a share dividend

IBM: 8/1/12 8K re: closing of sale of IBM's Retail Store Solutions biz to Toshiba Tec
7/31/12 10Q for period ended 6/30/12
7/27/12 8K re: underwriting agreement for 1.875% notes due '22
7/19/12 & 7/18/12 8Ks re: 2Q results
5/10/12 8K re: underwriting of notes
5/9/12 8K re: investor briefing materials

JPMorganChase JPM: 8/9/12 10Q for period ended 6/30/12
7/27/12 8K re: exec changes
7/13/12 8K re: 2Q results
7/13/12 8K re: restatement of 1Q results
6/13/12 8K re: CEO Jamie Dimon's testimony before US Senate Comm on Banking
6/12/12 8K re: redemption of $9 bil in Trust Preferred Capital Securities
5/18/12 8K re: Annual Meeting of Shareholders' results
5/15/12 8K re: retirement of Chief Inv. Office Ina Drew succeeded by Matthew E. Zames

Johnson & Johnson JNJ : 8/16/12 8K re: discontinuance of bapineuzumbab trials
8/2/12 10Q for quarter ended 7/1/12
7/20/12 8K re: settlement of shareholder deriv case in US Dist CT NJ
7/17/12 8K re: 2Q results
6/14/12 8K re: completion of Synthes purchase for $19.7 cash/stock
6/12/12 8K re: repurchase of shares from Goldman Sachs & JPMorgan
6/8/12 8K re: special charge of $600 mil related to legal charges related to Risperdal, Invega & Naterecor
5/8/12 8K re: sale of DePuy Orthopaedics to Biomet
5/7/12 10Q re: qtr ended 4/1

Kraft KFT: 8/17/12 8K & 8/14 8K & 8/2/12 8K re: spin-off
8/3/12 10Q & 8/2/12 8K re: results of second quarter ended 6/30/12
7/18/12 & 7/17/12 & 7/2/12 8Ks re: successful exchange of notes
6/18/12 8K re: Exchange Offer
6/8/12 8K re: on 6/26 KFT to trade on NASDAQ not NYSE
5/31/12 8K re: issuance of $6 bil of notes
5/24/12 8K re: amendment of bylaws to do away with share certificates as of 6/15
5/22/12 8K re: 5 year revolving credit contract
5/18/12 8K re: favorable IRS ruling on tax-free nature of spin-off
5/14/12 proxy material re Annual meeting

McDonald's MCD: 8/9/12 8K re: July '12 sales
8/6/12 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/12
7/23/12 8K re; 2Q results
7/20/12 8K re: various amendments to By-laws
6/18/12 8K re: stocks options to Donald Thompson CEO as of 7/1
6/11/12 8K re: May '12 sales
5/29/12 8K re: issuance of approx. $1 bil of notes
5/29/12 8K re: approval of officers' stock plan

Merck MRK: 8/7/12 10Q & 7/27/12 8K re: results of second quarter ended 6/30/12
5/25/12 8K re: voting results of 5/22 Annual meeting of shareholders

Microsoft MSFT: 7/26/12 10K for year ended 6/30/12
7/19/12 8K re: 4Q & full year results
7/2/12 8K re: write-down to Online Services Div
6/18/12 8K re: Amendment to By-laws re: timing of Annual Meeting of Shareholders
5/3/12 8K re: election of Steve Luczo to Board, he is CEO of Seagate Tech

Pfizer PFE: 8/14/12 8K re: purchase of marketing rights to OTC Nexium from AstraZeneca
8/9/12 10Q & 7/31/12 8K re: results of 2 Qtr ended 7/1/12
5/23/12 8K re: exec promotions
5/10/12 10Q for quarter ended 4/1
5/1/12 8K re: 1 qtr results

Procter & Gamble PG: 8/16/12 Form 8-A & 8/16 & 8/14/12 8Ks re sales of notes
8/8/12 10K and 8/3/12 2 8Ks all re: fourth quarter results for year ended 6/30/12
7/18/12 8K re: Board proclaims support for CEO Bob McDonald
7/10/12 8K re: quarterly dividend of 0.562 cents per share
6/20/12 8K re: Deutsche Bank Conference Reg. FD disclosures

3M MMM: 8/2/12 & 7/26/12 8K re: 2nd quarter results for quarter ended 6/30/12
7/26/12 8K re: sale of notes
6/26/12 8K re: issuance of $1.25 bil of notes
5/10/12 & 5/412 8Ks re: adoption of exec pre-arranged stock trading plans
5/9/12 2 8Ks re: approval of amendments to employee stock purchase plan
5/3/12 10Q for quarter ended 3/31

Travelers TRV: 7/19/12 10Q & 7/19/12 8K re: results of quarter ender 6/30/12
5/25/12 8K re: voting results of 5/23 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

United Technologies UTX: 7/31/12 8K re: purchase of Silver II for $3.46 bil
7/26/12 10Q & 7/26/12 8K re: results of 2nd qtr ended 6/30/12 & closing of Goodrich purchase and board and exec changer
6/18/12 8K re: issuance of equity unites
6/1/12 8K re: issuance of $9.8 bil of notes
4/30/12 10Q for quarter ended 3/31
4/24/12 8K re: 1 qtr results
4/13/12 8K re: retirement of Charles Lee from Board of Dirs.

Verizon Communications Inc. VZ: 7/30/12 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/12
7/19/12 Form S-3 re: registration of 29,750,000 shares
7/19/12 & 7/18/12 8Ks re: 2Q results
5/9/12 8K re: results of annual shareholders meeting

WalMart WMT: 8/16/12 8K re: 2 Qtr results
7/30/12 8K re: election to Board of Tim Flynn, former Chairman of KPMG
6/4/12 8K re: voting results of Annual Meeting of Shareholders
6/1/12 10Q for quarter ended 4/30/12
5/17/12 8K re: operating results & guidance

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