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11/22/11 Tues am Hewlett-Packard's Results Plunge


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Post No. 1,333 The following is brought to you by Intellivest Securities Research, Inc. Toward the end of this Blog is a list of the Dow 30 current CEOs, and a ranking of the Dow 30 components by market capitalization and Dow 30 components' SEC filings in each case as of November 1, 2011.

A read of the print editions of Tuesday's The Wall St. Journal, Financial Times, Investor's Business Daily, New York Times, USA Today, Atlanta Journal Constitution & Daily Report (Ga. - carries Bloomberg) yielded the following stories about Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 component companies and the Dow with stories about the Dow aggregated first and then items about Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 companies presented alphabetically, followed by symbol and Monday's stock prices and related data.

Dow Jones Industrial AverageThe Dow Jones Industrial Average closed Monday at 11,547.31 down 248.85 or 2.11% from Friday's close of 11,796.16. For the year the Dow is down 0.26%. Of the 30 Dow components all 30 declined. The biggest decliner dollar-wise was IBM $181.48 -3.76 2.03% 5,140,601 NYSE and percentage-wise was Bank of America BAC $5.49 -0.29 5.02% 268,165,891 NYSE.

WSJ pC1 "Panel's failure sinks stocks" by Jon Cheng says investors are worried about another downgrade of the US credit rating as the 12 member group of lawmakers were unable to cut $1.2 trillion from the nation's budget.

NYT pB1 "Credit risk in Europe push stocks downward" by Chris Hauser says stock prices declined as credit risks in Europe overpowered any market concerns over the faiure in DC to reach a deficit reduction package.

Inv. Bus. Daily pA1 "Stocks sink on Euro zone, US worries" by Vincent Mao says stocks started a holdiay week with big losses Mon, continuing the selling that began last week as the stocks tumbled broadly. the current outlook is the market is in a correction.

Fin times p24 "Gilead Sciences takes a knock after announcing Pharmasset deal" by Ajay Makan says Wall St's focus shifted away from Europe but politics remained at the forefront as the supercommittee deadlock led all 3 US indices to swoon.

USA Today p1B "Markets sink on panel's failure" by Adam Shell says the Dow fell after the supercommittee was unable to agree on cuts.

As of the open of the market Tuesday, the current divisor for the Dow Jones Industrial Average found at page C6 of Tuesday's Wall St. Journal is 0.132129493. Tuesday's trailing P/E ratio is 12.40 down from Monday's trailing P/E ratio of 12.66 (year ago it was 14.26); Tuesday's P/E estimate is 12.10 unchanged from yesterday's P/E estimate of 12.10 (year ago it was 13.17), and today's dividend yield is 2.71 up from Monday's dividend yield of 2.65 (last year it was 2.55). The Dow's all-time high was 14,164.53 on Oct. 9, 2007. The 12 year low close for the Dow was on March 9, 2009 when it fell to 6,547.05.

Monday's Dow Jones Industrial Average closing numerator was 1,525.74 down 32.88 from Friday's closing numerator of 1,558.62. This is the sum of all 30 closing prices. A short cut to the Dow numerator is to multiply the closing Dow by the Divisor. Now, if you divide the Dow numerator decrease for today by the divisor (0.132129493) you get the decrease in today's Dow. A $1 change in the price of any DJIA stock = a 7.57 change in the average.

The average closing price (the closing numerator divided by 30) of Monday's Dow Jones Industrial Average was $50.86 down $1.09 from Friday's average closing price of $51.95. The median closing price of Monday's Dow Jones Industrial Average was $40.78 (DD/VZ) down 0.66 from Friday's median closing price of 41.44. The lowest volume was Travelers TRV $54.76 -1.46 2.6% 4,407,256 NYSE and the highest volume again was Bank of America BAC $5.49 -0.29 5.02% 268,165,891 NYSE.

If Monday morning before the market opened you had purchased 100 shares of each of the Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 shares (assuming you could buy fractional shares and assuming no transaction costs) and sold at the close you would have lost $32,880 ($155,862 - $152,574).

MarketWatch Monday 11/21/11 4:23 pm by Kate Gibson says US stocks sank Monday, pulling the Dow Jones Industrial Average into negative territory for 2011, as the lack of progress by American lawmakers in reaching a deficit-cutting agreement magnified worry that Europe’s debt crisis would spur a global downturn. “The good news is being totally discounted, and the fear of the worst-case scenarios are being priced in,” said Tim Courtney, chief investment officer of Burns Advisory Group. “The markets are aligning themselves like we’re going to have a global recession. Not only are stocks going down but commodities and real estate, so it’s betting against the economy,” said Courtney. After falling as much as 342 points, the Dow Jones Industrial Average finished at 11,547.31, losing 248.85 points, or 2.1%, and leaving the index off 0.3% for the year. All 30 of the Dow’s components lost value, led by Bank of America Corp., which declined 5%. Yet the Dow remained more than 900 points above its Oct. 3 close of 10,655.30. “It seems like it does not want to go down below roughly the 11,000 mark,” said Courtney. “There is only so low the market can go, until you say this is assuming we’re not even going to have an economy, that people won’t be going to work that they’ll just stay at home and tend to their gardens,” he added. Extending losses into a fourth consecutive session, the S&P 500 Index fell 22.67 points, or 1.9%, to 1,192.98, with financial companies hit hardest among its 10 major industry sectors. The Nasdaq Composite Index declined 49.36 points, or 1.9%, to 2,523.14.
For every stock on the rise nearly half a dozen fell on the New York Stock Exchange, where 931 million shares traded. “A lot of the data recently is looking better than expected — retail sales, industrial production, LEI [leading economic indicators] and today home sales. But investors are saying, ‘That’s nice, but backwards looking, we could be pushed back into recession by Europe,’ ” said Sam Stovall, chief equity strategist at S&P Capital IQ. “Monday is also traditionally a capitulation day,” said Stovall, pointing out that Oct. 3, when the S&P 500 closed at its lowest level so far this year, was also a Monday. And March 9, 2009, when the S&P hit the bottom of a months-long stretch of selling that came with the financial crisis, was a Monday as well. The question for investors is whether the current slide is a retest of the Oct. 3 low, in which case it would “represent a very nice buying opportunity,” or the start of a bigger drop, according to Stovall. “It gets bleakest at the time it’s best to be buying,” he observed. In Washington, the supercommittee, comprising six Democrats and six Republicans from the House and Senate, was formed in August by the legislation that hiked the U.S. debt ceiling. The panel has until Wednesday to come up with at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction to avoid automatic spending cuts of the same amount in 2013.“The fact that our economy has been able to plug along and post rather decent data during the global financial crisis should be viewed as a success. However, it is completely overshadowed by the dire and incompetent actions of the supercommittee,” Marc Pado, U.S. market strategist at Cantor Fitzgerald, noted in emailed commentary. The National Association of Realtors on Monday reported sales of previously owned U.S. homes climbed 1.4% last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.97 million, suggesting slight improvement in the troubled sector. Another report issued Monday had rating agency Moody’s Investors Service warning that elevated borrowing costs and a wobbly economy pose a threat to France’s credit outlook.

Monday's Closing Dow Numbers and Tuesday's News:
Symbol Last Sale Change % Change Share Volume Market
$28.36 -0.28 0.98% 22,197,565 NYSE: WSJ pB1 "Wild card in AT&T case: lawyer who lvoes a trial" by Tom Catan profiles Joe Wayland, the Justice Dept's lead antitrust trial lawye n the AT&T case in its $39 bil takeover attempt of T-Mobile.

Alcoa AA
$9.47 -0.22 2.27% 33,264,002 NYSE: No mentions found.

American Express AXP
$46.06 -0.82 1.75% 8,196,818 NYSE: No mentions found.

Bank of America BAC
$5.49 -0.29 5.02% 268,165,891 NYSE: WSJ pC1 "BofA warned to get stronger" by Dan Fitzpatrick says fed regulator said BofA's board ahs been told it could face a public enforcement action if it doesn't take steps to get stronger.

Boeing BA
$65.56 -1.90 2.82% 8,084,807 NYSE: No mentions found.

Caterpillar CAT
$91.12 -2.81 2.99% 9,842,077 NYSE: No mentions found.

Chevron CVX
$95.66 -2.22 2.27% 15,012,173 NYSE: Fin Times p17 "Chevron faces possible ban over Brazil leak" by Samantha Pearson says Brazil could ban Chevron from drilling in deepwater oilfields as well as imposing heavy fines for a leak off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

Cisco CSCO
$18 -0.42 2.28% 54,311,332 NASDAQ-GS: No mentions found.

Coke KO
$65.95 -1.44 2.14% 9,285,118 NYSE: No mentions found.

Disney DIS
$34.33 -1.30 3.65% 39,952,068 NYSE: No mentions found.

DuPont DD
$45.48 -0.93 2% 7,120,372 NYSE: No mentions found.

Exxon XOM
$76.91 -0.99 1.27% 20,185,686 NYSE: No mentions found.

$15.24 -0.41 2.62% 67,043,715 NYSE: WSJ pB6 "Ge opens offices in Iraq" by Mia Lamar says GE opened its first 3 offices in Irag to extend its involvement in infrastructure projects in the war torn nation.

Hewlett-Packard HPQ
$26.86 -1.13 4.04% 33,981,325 NYSE: WSJ pB3 "HP net plungs as firm reboots" by Ben Worthen, Inv. Bus. Daily pA2 "HP beats, but lowrs outlook", NYT pB2 "Hewlett's Profit falls 91% but it beats expectations" by Quentin Hardy, AJC pA12 "3 of HP';s units don't meet expectations" say Hewlett-Packard's net income plunged in the latest quarter as rev decliner in its main business lines of PCs, printer & ink, and servers & networking. HP earned $239 mil or 12 cents per share vs $2.53 bil or $1.10 pe share a year ago below analysts' expectations.

Home Depot HD
$37.06 -0.82 2.16% 11,597,316 NYSE: AJC pA12 "inventor's win over Home Depot upheld" by Bruce Bennett says a man whose saw guard was ripped off by Home Depot had his $24 mil verdict upheld by a fed appeals court in Fla.

Intel INTC
$23.57 -0.72 2.96% 58,542,362 NASDAQ-GS: No mentions found.

$181.48 -3.76 2.03% 5,140,601 NYSE: No mentions found.

JPMorgan JPM
$29.91 -0.71 2.32% 39,589,725 NYSE: WSJ pC3 "JPMorgan adds chip based cards" by Andrew Johnson, Inv. Bus. Daily pA2 "Chase issuign smart cards say JPM is offering a version of its Visa British Aiwways card that stores info in a chip that makes hacking harder.

Johnson & Johnson JNJ
$62.94 -0.91 1.43% 32,773,984 NYSE: No mentions found.

Kraft KFT
$34.3 -0.47 1.35% 12,516,193 NYSE: No mentions found.

McDonald's MCD
$92.28 -0.46 0.5% 5,855,301 NYSE: No mentions found.

Merck MRK
$34.14 -0.81 2.32% 16,449,649 NYSE: No mentions found.

Microsoft MSFT
$25 -0.30 1.19% 61,822,425 NASDAQ-GS: Inv. Bus. Daily pA2 "Microsoft, Novell square off", AJC pA14 "Gates: late Windows 95 tweaks left out WordPerfect" by AP say Gates' testified in a $1 bil antitrust lawsuit filed by the former owner of WordPerfect that Windows' actions that hurt WordPerfect were inadvertent.

Pfizer PFE
$18.96 -0.57 2.92% 54,165,923 NYSE: WSJ pB1 "Helping Lipitor live longer" by Jon Rockoff says Pfizer will sell Lipitor directly in retail outlets after its patent runs out end of Nov.

Procter & Gamble PG
$61.66 -1.58 2.5% 13,193,705 NYSE: No mentions found.

$78.39 -2.15 2.67% 5,431,965 NYSE: No mentions found.

Travelers TRV
$54.76 -1.46 2.6% 4,407,256 NYSE: No mentions found.

United TechnologiesUTX
$74.07 -2.04 2.68% 4,688,185 NYSE: No mentions found.

Verizon VZ
$36.07 -0.39 1.07% 12,174,610 DualListed: No mentions found.

Walmart WMT
$56.66 -0.57 1% 9,926,876 NYSE: No mentions found.

Here are the current CEOs of the Dow 30 Companies:

AT&T T Randall L. Stephenson (Dallas, TX)
Alcoa AA Klaus Kleinfeld (NY, NY)
American Express AXP Kenneth I. Chenault (NY, NY)
Bank of America BAC Brian T. Moynihan (Charlotte, N.C.)
Boeing BA W. James McNerney, Jr. (Chicago, Ill)
Caterpillar CAT Douglas Oberhelman (Peoria, Ill.)
Chevron CVX John Watson (San Ramon, CA)
Cisco CSCO John Chambers (San Jose, CA)
Coca Cola KO Muhtar Kent (Atlanta, GA)
Disney DIS Robert Iger (Burbank, CA)
DuPont DD Ellen Kullman (Wilmington, DE)
ExxonMobil XOM Rex W. Tillerson (Irving, Tx)
GE Jeffrey R. Immelt (Fairfield, CT)
Hewlett-Packard HPQ Meg Whitman (Palo, Alto, CA)
Home Depot HD Frank Blake (Atlanta, GA)
Intel INTC Paul S. Otellini (Santa Clara, CA)
IBM Virginia M. Rometty (replaces Samuel J. Palmisano 1/1/12) (Armonk, NY)
JPMorgan Chase JPM Jamie Dimon (NY, NY)
Johnson & Johnson JNJ William C. Weldon (New Brunswick, NJ)
Kraft KFT Irene Rosenfeld (Northfield, Ill.)
McDonald's MCD Jim Skinner (Oak Brook, Ill)
Merck MRK Kenneth Frazer (Whitehouse Station, N.J.)
Microsoft MSFT Steve Ballmer (Redmond, WA)
Pfizer PFE Ian Read (NY, NY)
Procter & Gamble PG Bob McDonald (Cincinnati, OH)
3M MMM George W. Buckley (St. Paul, MN)
Travelers TRV Jay S. Fishman (NY, NY)
United Technologies UTX Louis Chenevert (Hartford, CT)
Verizon VZ Lowell McAdam (NY, NY) Lowell C. McAdam
Wal-Mart WMT Mike Duke (Bentonville, ARK)

Here are the Dow Jones Industrial Average 30 ranked in order of market capitalization rounded to the nearest 1/2 billion as of 11/1/11 followed by number of shares outstanding rounded to the nearest 1/2 billion:

1. Exxon Mobil XOM $379.5 [5]
2. Microsoft MSFT 223 [8.5]
3. IBM 217.5 [1]
4. Chevron CVX 210.5 [2]
5. WalMart WMT 195.5 [3.5]
6. GE 177 [10.5]
7. Johnson & Johnson JNJ 176.5 [3]
8. Procter & Gamble PG 176 [3]
9. AT&T T 173.5 [6]
10. Coke KO 155 [2.5]
11. Pfizer PFE 150.5 [8]
12. JPMorgan Chase JPM 135.5 [4]
13. Intel INTC 129 [5]
14. Merck MRK 106 [3]
15. Verizon VZ 104.5 [3]
16. Cisco CSCO 102 [5.5]
17. McDonald's MCD 96 [1]
18. United Technologies UTX 70.5 [1]
19. Bank of America BAC 69 [10]
20. Disney DIS 65 [2]
21. Kraft KFT 62 [2]
22. Caterpillar CAT 61 [.5]
23. American Express AXP 60.5 [1]
24. Home Depot HD 56 [1.5]
25. 3M MMM 56 [.5]
26. Hewlett-Packard HPQ 53 [2]
27. Boeing BA 49 [1]
28. DuPont DD 44.5 [1]
29. Travelers TRV 24 [.5]
30. Alcoa AA 11.5 [1]

Here are the latest 8K, 10Q & 10K & Proxy & certain other SEC filings as of 11/1/11:

Symbol & Co. Name/Date of Filing/Form Filed/ Comments

AT&T T: 10/27/11 8K re: redemption of 5.87% Notes due 2/1/12
10/20/11 2 8Ks re: 3Qtr results
9/8/11 8K re: redemption of certain notes
9/1/11 8K re: Dept. of Justice lawsuit to block AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile saying it will lessen competition & raise prices
8/5/11 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/11
8/2/11 8K re: sale of global notes
8/1/11 8K re: tendering of all its shares of Telefonos de Mexcio

Alcoa AA: 10/20/11 10Q for Qtr ended 9/30/11
10/14/11 8K re: transcript of 3Qtr earnings call
10/12/11 8K re: 3Qtr results

American Express AXP: 10/19/11 8K re: 3Qtr results
10/17/11 8K re: delinq & write-f stats for 3 months eded 9/30/11
9/15/11 & 9/14/11 8Ks re: delinquency & write-off stats for 3 months ended 8/3/1/11
8/15/11 8K re: delinq. & write-off stats for months of May, June, and July 2011
8/3/11 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/11

Bank of Am BAC: 10/18/11 8K re: 3Qtr results
10/7/11 8K re: separation contracts with Sallie L. Krawcheck & Joe L. Price
9/7/11 8K re: exec changes including departure of Sallie Krawcheck
9/1/11 8K re: Amend Cert of Inc to designate Pref. Shares sold to Berkshire Hathaway for $5 bil
8/29/11 8K re: selling of 13.1 bil shares of China Construct Bank
8/25/11 8K re: sale of securities to Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

Boeing BA: 10/26/11 10Q for Qtr ended 9/30/11
10/26/11 8K re: 3Qtr results
10/4/11 8K re: election of ex-Contintel CEO Larry Kellner as Director
9/30/11 8K & 8KA re: frequency of shareholder advisory votes

Caterpiller CAT: 10/24/11 8K re: 3 month dealer stats
10/24/11 8K re: results for quarter ended 9/30/11
9/30/11 8K re: price increases
9/29/11 8K re: 3 month dealer stats
9/20/11 8KA 3 Mos dealer stats thru Aug
9/16/11 re: credit agreement
8/18/11 8K re: 3 mos. dealer stats
8/12/11 8K re: clarification of order backlog
8/4/11 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/11

Chevron CVX: 10/28/11 8K re: 3Qtr results
10/11 8K re: 3Qtr results
9/7/11 8K/A re: frequency of shareholder advisory votes
8/4/11 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/11

Cisco CSCO 10/18/11 14A proxy (two) re: Annual Shareholder Meeting to be held 12/7/11 at Santa Clara, CA
9/20/11 8K re: contract with Exec VP Wim Elfrink
9/14/11 10K for year ended 7/30/11
8/24/11 8K re: pre-arranged stock trading plan for CEO John Chambers
8/10/11 8K re: 4Qtr results

Coke KO 10/28/11 S-4 re: exchange of 3.3% Notes due '21 for 1.8% Notes due '16
10/27/11 10Q for Qtr ended 9/30/11
10/18/11 8K re: 3Qtr results
9/1/11 8K re: issuance of senior notes
8/24 & 8/8 8Ks re: issuance of securities as an off-alance sheet arrangement re: Coca-Cola Refreshments USA, Inc.
8/1/11 10Q 2 results ended 7/1/11

Disney DIS 10/25/11 8K re: resignation of Director John E. Bryson to become U.S. Secretary of Commerce
10/7/11 8K re: extension of CEO Robert A. Iger's employment contract
8/19/11 8K re: sale of $750 mil of Global Notes
8/19 10Q & 8/9 8K re: results of quarter ended 7/2/11

DuPont DD: 10/25/11 10Q & 8K re: results for 3Qtr ended 9/30/11
8/8/11 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/11

ExxonMobil XOM: 10/27/11 8K re: 3Qtr results
8/4/11 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/11

GE: 10/21/11 8K re: 3Qtr results
9/13/11 8K re: redemption of shares held by Berkshire Hathaway for $3.3 bil

Hewlett-Packard HPQ: 10/27/11 8K re: decision to keep PC unit
10/3/11 8K re: acceptance of offers to acquire Autonomy
9/29/11 8K re: separation contract with ex-CEO Leo Apotheker
9/28/11 8K re foreign antitrust approval of acquisition of Autonomy
9/22/11 8K re: replacement of CEO Leo Apotheker with Meg Whitman effective immediately
9/19/11 8KA & 8K re: issuance of flotaing global notes
9/13/11 8K re: purchase of Autonomy Corp.
9/9/11 10Q for quarter ended 7/31/11
8/19/11 8K re: offer to purchase Autonomy Corp plc
8/18/11 8K re: 3rd Quarter results ended 7/31/11

Home Depot HD: 9/1/11 10Q for quarter ended 7/31/11
8/16/11 8K re: results of quarter ended 7/31/11

Intel INTC: 10/19/11 & 10/18/11 8Ks re: Results for Qtr ended 10/1/11
9/19/11 & 9/14/11 8Ks re; offering of $5 bil of notes
8/8/11 10Q for quarter ended 7/2/11

IBM: 10/31/11 8K re: offering of $1.85 bil of debt
10/26/11 8K re: election of Virginia M. Rometty as CEO
10/25/11 8K re: election of David Farr, CEO of Emerson, to Bd.
10/25/11 10Q & 10/18/11 8K & 10/17/11 8K re: results for Qtr ended 9/30/11

JPMorganChase JPM: 10/26/11 8K re: offering of $1.75 mil of 4.35% Notes due '21
10/13/11 8K re: 3Qtr results
9/30/11 8K re: reorganiz. of Retail Fin'l Services & Card Business segments
9/13/11 8K re: FD Disclosure re: guidance given at investor conference
8/24/11 8K re: Master Agency Agreement re: Notes offering from time to time
8/10/11 8K re: closing of sale of $1.25 bil of 4.35% notes due 2021
8/5/11 8K re: 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/11
8/5/11 8K re: closing of sale of notes due 2016

Johnson & Johnson JNJ : 10/27/11 S-4 re: acquisition of Synthes
10/18/11 8K re: results for Qtr ended 10/2/11
8/9/11 10Q for quarter ended 7/3/11

Kraft KFT: 9/7/11 8K re: FD Disclosure re: presentation at investor conference
8/5/11 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/11
8/14/11 8K re: amendment of severance agreement with ex-CFO Tim McLevish
8/4/11 8K re: Board of Dirs. intent to spin off global snack business & a N. Amer. grocery business
8/4/11 8K re: 2nd quarter results for quarter ended 6/30/11

McDonald's MCD: 10/21/11 8K re: results for 3Qtr ended 9/30/11
9/30/11 8K re: issuance of $500 mil med-term notes
9/26/11 8K re; declaration of quarterly cash dividend
9/12/11 8K re: August sales
8/19/11 8Ka re: plans to hold annual advisory vote on exec compensation
8/8/11 8K re: investors release
8/5/11 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/11

Merck MRK: 10/28/11 8K re: results for 3Qtr
10/12/11 8K/A re: frequency of shareholder advisory votes on exec comp
8/8/11 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/11

Microsoft MSFT: 10/20/11 10Q & 8K re: results for Qtr ended 9/30/11
10/18/11 & 10/4/11 & 10/3/11 14A Proxies re: Annual Meeting of Shareholders to be held 11/15/11 at Bellevue, Wash.

Pfizer PFE: 8/11 10Q for quarter ended 7/3/11
8/2/11 8K re: 2Q results

Procter & Gamble PG: 10/27/11 10Q & 8Ks (two) re: results of 3 Qtr ended 9/30/11
10/14/11 8K re: voting results of annual meeting of shareholders
10/11/11 *K re: quarterly dividend of 52.5 cents
10/11/11 CEO's Bob McDonald speech at annual shareholders meeting
10/6/11 8K re: political contribution policy
9/7/11 Def. 14A Proxy Material re: voting recommendations for directors
8/26/11 Def. 14A Proxy Statement for Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholder on 10/11/11
8/15/11 8K re: closing of public offering of $1 bil 1.4% Notes due '16
8/10/11 10K for year ended 6/30/11
8/5/11 8K re: results for quarter ended 6/30/11

3M MMM: 10/25/11 8K re: results of 3Qtr
9/29/11 8K re: offer of $4 bil of notes
9/8/11 8K re: Distribution Agrmt with Goldman Sachs re: $3 bil of notes
8/30/11 8K re: $200 mil credit agreement with HSBC Bank
8/10/11 8K re: $1.5 bil 5 year revolving credit agreement with J.P.Morgan Chase
8/4/11 10Q for quarter ended 6/30/11
8/2/11 2 8Ks re: adoption of executive pre-arranged stock trading plans
8/2/11 8K re: results of 2nd quarter

Travelers TRV: 10/19/11 10Q & 8K re: results for Qtr ended 9/30/11
9/20/11 8K/A re: frequency of non-binding advisory shareholder votes
8/8/11 8K re: restatement of articles of incorporation to cancel Series B Conv. Pref. Stock

United Technologies UTX: 10/24/11 10Q & 10/19/11 8K re: results for Qtr ended 9/30/11
10/18/11 8K re: Pratt & Whitney & Rolls Royce partnership to develop next generation engines for mid-size aircraft
9/29/11 8K re: exec personnel changes
9/23/11 8K & Def. 14A Proxy Material re: acquisition of Goodrich

Verizon Communications Inc. VZ: 10/25/11 10Q & 10/21/11 8K re: results for Qtr ended 9/30/11
9/14/11 8K re: presentation to Merrill Lynch Media, Communication & Entertainment Conf.

WalMart WMT: 9/29/11 8K re: adoption of Deferred Com Plan
9/27/11 8K re: retirement of Vice-Chair Eduardo Castro-Wright
9/1/11 10Q for quarter ended 7/31/11
8/16/11 8K re: results for 3 and 6 months ended 7/31/11